Quality Underground Pipework You Can Rely On

Our team at Sitework Service can handle all your underground residential and commercial plumbing needs. When you choose to hire us, you can rest easy knowing the industry professionals are working on your project. We will make sure that all your underground pipes and other related utilities are functioning smoothly and efficiently.

What We Work On

We install these devices throughout the city for houses and buildings.

These devices are used to feed water to commercial properties.

Our experts install connections to the water mains and run them to the property easement.

Rely on us to connect to the city's sewer main and run it to the property easement. This allows you to discharge to the city sewer waste.

The Sitework Services team can connect from property easements to your kitchen, bathroom, washers, and dryers at the building.

To prevent contamination in the city water mains, we install these essential devices.

Count on us to connect your fire sprinklers to the city water main to supply them with enough water.

This method is used to connect the main to taps that are four inches or larger, providing them with water. We achieve this by installing valves and sleeves.

We install fire hydrants across the city.

Our team sets up the storm pipes on the property for water drainage.

Whether you need help with ground or underground pipes, we can assist you.

These are concrete boxes where buildings discharge their grease into. It then lets water flow into a sanitary destination and sends the grease to a grease box.

We can evaluate well water for contamination.

These facilities catch sewage and sanitary fluids then force them into a city-designated waste line.

Rely on us to set up fire department connections.

These are used to access wastewater lines that are at least six inches wide for proper cleaning.

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Whether it’s for your home or business, you can count on us to address all of your underground plumbing needs. Reach out to our team today for any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.